Financial advisory is an intangible concept, but significantly improves the results of an investment portfolio. 

Kessler & Casadevall Financial Advisory filters the information from across the financial sector and transfers it to its clients independently, transparently and with added value. Our objective is to maximize the target performance subject to the client restrictions in a really efficient manner.

Independence: Independence is achieved ONLY by charging a fee directly to the client. We provide an added value service which means removing any third party incentive, commission or income to distort the recommendation made, penalize the return or increase the assumed risk.

Cost savings: Independent advisory provides an opportunity to find alternatives that offer more for less. Investment efficiency is achieved as there are different ways to access financial markets that provide many investment options with better asset selection and cost savings. The number of operations and market intermediaries are reduced substantially. Advisory is vital to maintain good financial health.


Source: Elaborated by the author

The persons in charge of advisory and financial analysis are individual financial advisory firms. Each client is protected by the experience required to reach the status of Investment Services Company registered in the Spanish Financial Markets Regulator (CNMV) and therefore, by the complex network of supervision and controls that involve the investment recommendations.